*The RUST Electrical Handbook (Legacy)

Please be advised, as of April 4th 2024, a Wave of Changes has happened to electricity. This version of the handbook will no longer be updated and instead we are will work on creating 2 new versions. This version will remain avaliable for now but please familiarize with the changes. The differences between console and PC electricity are changing dramatically so we are begining work on a PC version and a Console version. Thank you to everyone that helped get this book as far as it has come. I look forward to working with you again on these new versions. Anyone with a console that would like to help, please reach out to SwiftCoyote on the discord.

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A continually updated all inclusive guide to everything electrical in the game Rust. This handbook will include everything you need to find, craft, wire, and utilize different useful circuits in game. These designs have been curated from many community submissions into the simplest, cheapest, and most optimized versions possible.

This is a work in progress, everything is subject to change, be reorganised or moved to some other sub pages, but any info still valid in game wont be removed.

All of the information you find here is comming from a Google Doc by @SwiftCoyote, so thanks to him and all the people in the Rustricity Workshop community that contribute to it! The Google Doc will always be a little more update then this website as the website needs to be rebuilt after each change.

A massive Thank You to @3YE on Discord for creating the website and teaching me (SwiftCoyote) how to update and maintain it.

If you want to contribute to this project, there is multiple ways you can do it by:

Its made in a way so someone could edit the website content without needing to know html/css/javascript. All the content is writen in markdown format (similar to discord messages: *italic*, **bold**, etc…) For now, I havent written something that explains how to do it but you can ask @3YE on Discord for more information.

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